Welcome to my art Gallery. My
name is Kurt Zivelonghi and I am
an artist. I established this website
to publish my art work for the
public to view. I want a simple
website to honestly and
straightforwardly exhibit my work .
As an artist my duty is to express
Gods beauty and his universe. God
is the sole creator of everything and
I am one of his instrument in
defining His beauty and truth. That
is what art is ultimately about ,
defining Gods beauty and truth in a
qualitative way. Science is exploring
and quantifying Gods Universe.
Please scroll down to see my latest
work. I've been on a hiatus for a
while and will take time to get back
in the swing of things.
Please email for inquiries or
and Events
New Art Work
In Memory of
Sylvia Likens
Welcome to Kurt Zivelonghi's Art Gallery
The Seventh Seal
Please Remember all art work is copyrighted by Kurt Zivelonghi 2010
Thank you
Ancient Stone
Digital Oil
Evelyn Nesbit        Digital Felt Pen
I always enjoyed the subject of woman. They are
fascinating with all of their complexity.
White Painting #1
I've renamed this painting the "White
Painting" since I have diverged from Cy
Twombly into a more personal vision.
Forever Young
Digital Oil